Justyna Bugajczyk, HELOTISM or an appropriated space

23.05.2015 – 7.06.2015


The starting point for my work's creation was one of the flats in a town house in Lodz, which I rented. Moving in, I became surrounded by many personal belongings (clothes, shoes, razors, notes, holiday snaps). Living in a flat of someone who died there, using their furniture, eating from their plates, leads to trespass some kind of area. There, despite physical absence, we can feel someone's mental presence, or even proximity. We live in the culture, in which every person can be identified with things they have.
Is there a possibility of a reverse process? Using different media, my work is not only a documentation but also stepping in one's personal space, which is afflicted by death. This is like a small archive of things-entities, which is a reminiscence of an exact human being, marked by initials L.N. On the other hand, this is an archive, which tends to induce these memories with the use of our emotions and experience. The nature of documentation becomes a natural part of artistic gesture. This interaction, together with reused collection of 'orphaned' everyday objects turns out to be vestiges of one's existence, its banality and secrets. It is placed between interest, a bizarre need of voyeurism and a nasty sense of disgust. Entering somebody's place, which trespasses common-law gender's categories, causes an anxiety. Finally, we ask ourselves: What do we take over by encroaching in one's space? While crashed in space-time, can the beings mix indicating repetition and distinction?

Justyna Bugajczyk