Memory Project

An artistic project on childhood reminiscences – buying balloons and strolling with one's father – seems trivial, doesn't it? But what if that's exactly what we need?
What was the lost world of childhood like? What did it look like? How did it smell? How did it sound? Was it a beacon of peace and safety?
Topografie Association, Wschodnia Gallery and Robin Levy would like to invite you to the Memory Project – a project evolving around the use of pre-war and more contemporary childhood memories. We shall recall them, perform them, recreate them. And then we will watch how they work and how they stimulate the present.

Installation "The Cave" – Agnieszka Chojnacka
A "cave" is a domestic construction, built usually by children in order to create a space of their own and the illusion of independence and security. The reality within the installation, through means of transforming external information, creates a new message. (http://agnieszkachojnacka.wordpress.com/)

Installation "161photographs with Lodzia" – Adam Klimczak
"161 photographs with Lodzia" is a personal dedication to my mother, Leokadia (Lodzia) Klimczak who's long and history-determined life served as an inspiration. It probably wouldn't have taken the shape of this particular documentary-like form, had it not been for an envoy from New Orleans – Robin Levy. It is her and her mother – Anne Skorecki Levy – that encouraged me to look upon the lives of others through the experiences of my kinsmen. We are the heirs and successors of their memories – which shape and enrich us today.

Installation "A Place Called Home", Film "Hereditary Traits" – Justyna Wencel
"Hereditary Traits" is a film based on a rich documentation of performance events (intimate in their scale and mood) conducted in my family home, garden and town. It is not a linear, organized narrative. The coverage is edited in the shape of a music video and reveals glimpses of a disturbing and sometimes grotesque constellation of clashing feminine personalities.
"A Place Called Home" – an outline on the floor defines the boundaries of my room and an outline of a number of necessary implements. Votive offerings are central to the installation – a straw mat hung up on the wall, together with the objects that surround it, symbolizes a space of gratitude. As an element of a typical interior found in the People's Republic of Poland it also serves as a means of expression for the youth of my generation: when a self-conscious "I" was only beginning to take shape, one would use the mat to pin up photos, music posters or other important attributes of an identity that was still in the making. Thus, the elements that are assembled upon the mat bear the traits of votive offerings.
The works of Justyna Wencel were created before the "Memory Project" in last two years.