Tomasz Komorowski

Accompanying exhibition of 11th Fotofestival in Lodz


We get rid of photos that are EXPENDABLE. We have no need in trashing our flats with EXPENDABLE objects that occupy shelves. We abandon EXPENDABLE memories concerning people pictured on photographies. They occupy memory which brings back unknown strangers we never met. We dispose of EXPENDABLE persons from our surroundings.
Not everyone is capable to commit such radical gesture which is annihilation of photography by destroying, burning or tearing. These objects are too magical so only few of us can decide for such a behaviour.
My exhibition is an attempt to understand an act of disposing family photo archives by inspecting those EXPENDABLE that have been left suspended in one way or another. The are not connected with those they talk about, anymore. They don't belong to those forgotten and EXPENDABLE memories.

Are they really EXPENDABLE to anybody?