Bartek Otocki
Paintings 2010–2011


The pictures presented are the part of photo-painting project "Alchemy of Illusion". These pieces are made of digitally converted fragments of several Reneissance portraits. In some this process stays visible although in another ones the conversion is strong enough to make a final image not as human but more humanoid. It is an attempt to picture something post-virtual, speaking in esthetical categories, or unreal realism. If Reneissance gave us a window to the world created on a canvas, Otocki's works are somehow a view-finder that gives us a chance to look into a different reality. This is a long-term process, and unveiling that kind of relity is obviously partial, misty and blurred. Author insists that he doesn't use narrow frames and blurry edges. This way he can preserve a mystery and some kind of shield to cover things he was able to see. It is because that other reality is accessible only partly, also for him.