Zawód artysty

Agnieszka Chojnacka
Gregor Gonsior
Nils Grarup
Artur Malewski
Anna Orlikowska
Marcin Polak
Wiktor Polak
Agnieszka Natasza Splewińska
Adam Szwarc
Elina Toneva

curator: Marcin Polak
moderator: Tomasz Załuski

We invite to the exhibition 'Occupation Artist'. It is an exposition of the works about the professional life of the artists. It occurs that almost every artist, especially a young one, occupies another profession.
We invite to participate in a discussion about economic and social conditions typical for the artists in today's Poland and Lodz, a city of "creative industry".

Panel discussion 'Occupation Artist'
Is being an artist still a free profession? What are today's economic and social conditions of being an artist? What is a nature of relations between "artistic work" and necessity of working for money? Are there adequate institutional conditions in Lodz which are friendly for regular work and artistic development, especially for young artists. Is there a place in Lodz for consequent cultural policy as well as long-term institutional undertaking that would support local artistic activity in time of building city identity around "creative industry"?
Are we ready to work around and lead well comprehended local policy?

This meeting will gather Lodz artists, representatives of institutions, curators.
Discussion will be coordinated by Tomasz Zaluski from Lodz University Departement of Media and Audiovisual Culture, and Lodz Art Academy Departement of Theory and History of Art.