Mariusz Sołtysik

The exhibition realized in the frame of scholarship
of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


installation, video, object, drawings

Why the attachments? Because some of the themes have already surfaced in my works (especially in the Engram project), but have been alternatively shaped. In this sense they continue the searches that have already been launched, e.g. the drawing cycle "A Theory of Inflatable Universes, or What Can Be Seen in Bubble Bath" or the work titled "Stars", whose current shape is closer to the original idea than the previous – nevertheless important and necessary – sketches. Still incomplete, though...

The contemplative nature of my recent works is an attempt to distance myself from the commercialised reality in which we live. My projects may enable the viewer to make an "intergalactic trip". This act that takes place in the imagination and allows us to isolate ourselves from the world of mass production and the increasing number of empty places and unnecessary things that surround us (welfare) is also an attempt to combine the abstract language of art with that of science.
However, I am not a researcher, and in contrast to them I do not gather or systemise the research. My approach is purely theoretical and intuitive...

video >

technique: aluminum, led lamps


in the ongoing project titled „Invaders" anyone who wishes to show their astonishment at seeing an alien or an alien in themselves may stand in front of my camera and get recorded...

The work involves a fragment of the soundtrack and a fragment of the introduction narrated by Hank Simms from Larry Cohen's  American hit Sci-Fi series titled „Invaders” and broadcast between 1967–1968.

technique: video

„Thoughts come to me when I am trying to get up...”

The drawing cycle „A Theory of Inflatable Universes, or What Can Be Seen in Bubble Bath”

tusz na papierze / ink on paper