Vaccine: The Weakened Virus

Program of Extension Activities of the Exhibition


Aesthetics and Visual Emergencies
In this panel the independent visual artist and theorist Mauricio Bravo and art historian Juan Pablo Bustos, who will give a talk about Chilean artistic practices today, analyzing their aesthetic dimensions and their social impacts. This roundtable will be supported by the presence of .........................., Polish theorist, who will address similar issues in the cultural space of Poland and Europe north.

Independent Practices and Models of Cultural Autonomy
This roundtable will be attended by Victor Hugo Bravo, Mauricio Bravo and Javier Rodriguez, artists and managers of Caja Negra Art Workshops, as well as by Adam Klimczak and Jerzy Grzegorski, Wschodnia Gallery directors. The panelists will share and discuss their experiences of cultural self-management, assessing their projections in the global society. The roundtable will be held at Wschodnia Gallery and will include the participation of the general public.


Popular imagery and mapping
This clinic will be conducted by Professor Aldo Garrido, scholar at the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (UMCE), Santiago de Chile.
Aldo Garrido is a visual artist whose research has focused on aesthetic rescue and update of traditional print media and xylography in particular. His research has moved this graphic production technique to the representation of mutant imaginaries, investigating the symbolic presence of popular and tribal cultures in today's Chilean society.
The purpose of this activity is to develop a proposal of individual and collective work centered in exploring crosses and breaks between traditional and actual imaginaries that take place in Polish society today. This clinic will be held at the Wschodnia Gallery.


Polish and Chilean Artists
The aim of this event is to generate logics of exchange and discussion between Polish and Chilean visual artists, cultural managers and theorists. The meeting will be held in Wschodnia Gallery.