Maciej Gorczyński

photography, object, video

Contemporay painting seems to be the most deamnding structure of today's art area.
Considering complexed media and technical sources, using the surface of canvas, steel or wood to create objects makes me reaching the sources of nature which works perfectly in the universe.
My observations, based on years of experience as a painter, are being transformed into personal remittance of reality, without being influenced by modern fashion or trends. In a great part it is based on accident. The material gives me clues and I make a decision.
I also started doing photography, video-art and action.
These means are to fulfill my expressions as a painter.
The latest works are the natural evolution of painting in which archetype and symbol plus rich structure of painting resources dominated. At this point more important is to use pure material from which i try to explore and transfer it to other people.
I think my exploration denies all votes about a death of painting. Looking for new techniques is for me the most important factor. When I decided to be a painter I went a way to move forward, to be an artist who explores without hesitation in front of radical thinking, to reach the borders of conceptual thinking. No matter whether using a brush or laser that creates hidden and unknown forms standing in opposition to heritage of art of painting. At the same time this attitude is a continuation of that heritage, proper for this time, an esthetitcs which replaces old technologies, and puts questions of our condition in the future. This influences the whole culture.
My water is a transparent color, seemingly "non-existant". My accidental drop is a stain out of brush, seemingly without its spirit. I am aware that this kind of thinking might be common for many contemporary artists, but it gives me the feeling of bonds with others whom I respect for their work.

Maciej Gorczynski


photo © Jerzy Grzegorski