Arkadiusz Sylwestrowicz
seven paintings from the series Axis

I start again from the simpliest things.
Henryk Stazewski

In the last few years Arek Sylwestrowicz presented his works several times in Lodz, at Wschodnia Gallery, Fine Arts Academy, the last Lodz Biennale. At the same time, together with Koji Kamoji's paintings, shared one space of the permannet gallery in the Museum of Art in Lodz.
However, the actual beginning of Sylwestrowicz artistic biography was an exhibition which took place years ago at BWA gallery in Sopot, together with Henryk Stazewski's works. Also Pawel Mykietyn was the one who composed music for that show.
Many threads and marks of what he did at that time comes back in his later activity. We can witness this now when Sylwestrowicz show joins two places, Olimpus Gallery and Wschodnia Gallery. Keeping an old principle of monochromatic picture, this show let us experience the presence of a living pigment.
The surfaces of explicit colors suddenly become fluid-like. There are fractures, something is missing and all creates one unique composition. The principle of monochrome goes beyond the principles.
Then again pouring loose pigment brings another image, depending on how all composes by itself.
The painting series "Axis", composed of the fluorescent colors, has been transformed into particular sounds. By contructing a aprticular algorithm the artist could compose a music for each painting. The visual and accoustic world presented in the exhibition, writes every change of the work surface or painting facture into a new sound of space.

Maria Morzuch