Witosław Czerwonka
few pictures for Wschodnia

Born July 4th 1949 in Wroclaw. Graduate of Painting Department of the State Fine Art School in Gdansk, prof. Jacek Zulawski's painting workshop in 1972. In the 70's working on painting, drawing and photography, marginally on graphic design and typography. In the 80's he started with sound installations and first video pieces. The 90's bring up multichannel video installations, video objects and video pictures. At the same time he has worked as a fine art academy teacher since 1973.
In 1992 Czerwonka, together with Wojciech Zamiara, opens PI Workshop on the Painting Department. They both introduce intermedia into the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk.
Now he runs Intermedia Workshop as a part of Sculpture Department of the same Academy.







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