Zygmunt Rytka (Warsaw)
Dynamic objects

Dynamic objects are created by linking, conjugating three pieces of timespace:
– registered photographically
– with real, actual gallery space
– with notional intellectual neuron space

Zygmunt Rytka 02.02.2002

It is sometimes a case of artists with a definite body of work that a particular tendency prevails in their art. Zygmunt Rytka whose artistic activity from the beginning was related to currents of conceptual art and its criticism, was simultaneously involved in searching of ethical nature and was looking for steady foundations for his art. Quite long ago a inviolable value was ascertained in his work. Jerzy Busza called it "silence of the stone". Zygmunt Rytka photographed stones in his earlier series "Complementary Pictures" and "Continual Infinity". He was setting in motion these stones symbolizing eternality of nature and in his installations (Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw) he was endowing them with ambiguity (e.g. by attribution of numbers of many figures) and was impairing statics ascribed to them by nature. These stones were becoming a sign containing a potential charge of energy and at the same time they presented a visualization of material space. Zygmunt Rytka calls his latest work "Dynamic objects". They are dynamic because while motionless (on photographs) they are able to set in motion our imagination, to create a new, intellectual – in the artist's opinion - space.

Marek Grygiel



foto © Jerzy Grzegorski & Marcin Piotrowski