Lorenna Grant (Australia)
Haunting the Frame (installation)


There is a river in Lodz, where there is no river.

The `wrona` dip and shoal in the sky like fish in the sea- they are liquid in the air. The water is in the metaphysics of this language, the glycerin that coats every word and sends it out, intent and vulnerable. It is the wetness in your mouth that dissolves these words sometimes over to other flows, a haunted space, warm and ephemeral.

Never have I seen so many eyes that reflect and move like water. The river is in your vision and the birds shoal in those rivers, and the unformed body is learning to fly – to swim.. and falling... and learning... and all the time there is the liquid in your eyes.

Haunting the Frame turns to gold the carbonized containers of lodz. The physical geometry of the city – a deceptive skin of concrete and chromatic grey is opened up to bear fruit. A metaphysical space is condensed and articulated and invites the presence of its makers, normally a private solitary moment, it invites to share and to make real, what cannot be held.

`They call and answer with all the resounding echoes of elementary voices, they are the mirror of voices that have learnt to sing in a cascade of pure water. The particular intonation of the black bird's notes, more full of the spirits of the air and the water than any sound upon the earth`.

You are dreamer's here – this exhibition is for and about you.

Lorenna Grant