Maciej Kurak (Poznań)
Deconstruction, installation


The gallery rooms after 18th.11.2002 at Wschodnia in Łódź The first room in the context of the second displays the situation "before" (the smaller, closed object). The second room in the same manner presents the just "after" situation (the larger, open form, and just a trace of someone's presence). In conclusion we could say that the work functions "in–between". The core of the whole action has been suspended, it is created only in the mentality of each viewer. Thus, the basic logical ontological transition "p" equals "q" is lacking. Viewers become active observers, building the final picture of the artistic action themselves. The gallery floor – hard space, stable and made of oak hardwood. Many a performance, action and installation have imprinted their presence. Despite so many exhibition openings the gallery has remained almost intact. It started to perform its own function – timeless, as an element of stability. Through my artistic vision I showed the second face of this floor. It appeared as flexible, soft matter capable of attaining nearly any form and shape. Thus it contradicted the priorities which described it previously. The whole disturbance of the former outlook on the gallery floor did not arise from an artificial desire to change its perception. The floor had presented certain symptoms (one could see minute bumps on the floor before the work has been installed), which were subsequently amplified and exposed. We can say that the contradiction had been present, the work has only brought it forward.

Maciej Kurak


photo © Jerzy Grzegorski, Marcin Piotrowski i Maciej Kurak