Sławomir Brzoska (Poznań), Sylwia Górak (Poznań), Tomasz Matuszak (Łódź), Jarosław Misiewicz (Łódź), Anna Petrie (Łódź), Małgorzata Wolańska (Łódź)
Action in The Art Book Museum in Lodz (concert, performance, installation, objects)

project CONTINUUM 2001

Action in the Art Book Museum in Lodz is the second part of planned series of art meetings and workshops CONTINUUM 2001.
The idea of this Action comes from Jarek Misiewicz, who invited artists presenting various forms of activity and working in general individually to cooperate. He proposed them to work in common with the classification of more than one meaning, in which intimacy and privacy of each one of participants' experiences has to be heard in harmony with the manifestations of the others. Artists don't mean here any kind of protest or affirmation - political, religious or social. This artistic-musical action also doesn't provide any kind of control over the whole of the event since the final effect in these kinds of activities is less important than the creative act. It needs a focus from the participants' side who, implicated into a game have to be watchful not only towards each other but also towards things which are happening around.
This Action may sometimes assume the character of a performance, because it hasn't been preceded with any more serious tries. However, each one of partakers has an idea of what are the others going to do. So the important thing will be the confrontation of attitudes and sensitisation of your own artistic consciousness. All of the used means are with full rights, so the work of one is not a complement of other. The individual activity is to be a kind of a thoughts transmission vehicle.
The audience will be a witness, but it can also become the partaker of the whole event. Rough prepared screenplay may, in one moment change or stop. We don't know if it will happen but we invite you to participate.

Slawomir Brzoska


left side: Jaroslaw Misiewicz, Sylwia Gorak, Anna Petrie, Tomasz Matuszak,
Slawomir Brzoska, Malgorzata Wolanska

Sławomir Brzoska

Jarosław Misiewicz

Tomasz Matuszak Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.
Lucky numbers 5, 15, 25, 35, 45

photo © Tomasz Matuszak


The idea for this particular performance is for the performer to hold their rhythm after having found their own - an opportunity for self-discovery to take place and for the work to take a life of it's own. Action strikes only when nuance occurs. The idea is to dull the senses in a pleasant and fun way and to then reawaken. It's up to the audience to register the nuance which we hope we will supply. I remember an old lady telling me once that the best plays were the ones in which she fell asleep and now I understand. I don't want to participate as an audience I want to be lulled and then for my own experience to give me intelligence. In the performance it may be a single moment that remains to the senses - and after all what do you remember from your younger years? I only the good moments. Time moves on memory dies and resurrects itself so why fill it with too much rubbish.
Anna Petrie

photo © Zbigniew Kowalski

Małgorzata Wolańska

photo © Małgorzata Wolańska