Marek Wasilewski (PoznaƄ)
Found/Displaced (installation)

Project of photoinstallation Found/Displaced was concived in 1998 during my stay in Kiev as a lecturer at the video art workshop Videocontext.
At the same time I had an exhibition at BZCH art gallery which is situated in the XIX century house which is also an artsits colony in the old district of Kiev. Working in the space of gallery I made a documentation of some details of the interiour. Photographs taken there will be imposed on the similiar space of the Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz. Project Found/Displaced treats the space as a peculiar readymade, which found in one place is taken to another one, it also treats space as an empty screen where one can show different fragments of reality. Another aspect is created by special similiarity between both spaces, which consit of ordinary apartaments changed into a gallery in old houses.