Zygmunt Rytka (Warszawa)
Lying (photo installation)


Let's think how many wonderful things
we can do while lying. Among others - we dream.
In various places and situations.
And then everything is ahead of us
unattainably far and extremely close.
I am a left bank.
I am a right bank.
I am between. At the same time.

Zygmunt Rytka, January 2000

Biographical note
Zygmunt Rytka: born on 13 March 1947 in Warsaw. Works in photography and video technique. Since 1972, he has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and has had 16 one–man shows. Lives and works in Warsaw.
It is difficult to write about myself. Too much information, too many events during so many years. Too many situations have contributed to the present state of affairs. I failed the entrance exam to the Warsaw Polytechnic (Electrical Engineering). This turned out to be providential. For several years I conducted short-circuit tests at the Electrotechnical Institute in Międzylesie near Warsaw. This may account for my precision and interest in the problem of time. Now, after 30 years, I can only be happy with such a turn of events.
My presence on the art scene dates back to 1974, when I began collaborating with M. Ko., K. Za., and J. Ro. Between 1975 and 1979 I worked at Galeria Wspolczesna in Warsaw. Another important thing was the documentation of some creative projects. Photographs at some openings. Galeria Wspolczesna, Mała Galeria, BWA gallery in Lublin (A. Mr.). It was important to meet people with similar outlook on art and life. My own work. Independent thinking – my own, insecure, uncertain. My first one-man show at Galeria Remont in Warsaw in 1974 (Time Units). In 1974 collaboration with J. Ro on the film A Living Gallery – documenting the actions of a group of artists. After that, I had even closer ties with Łódź. Since that time it has become my second home. J. Ro., A. Mi., W. Br., J. Za., R. Wa., L. Cz., W. Kr.. The Attic during the time of the martial law – M. Ja., A. Kw., A. Wi., A. Rz., A.Św. Galeria FF – K. Ci., Galeria Wschodnia – A. Kl., J. Grz.. Parallel to that, Mała Galeria in Warsaw – A. Jórczak, K. Wo.. Later, with a group of hotheads, e.g.
E. Ha., we would defend the gallery from an enemy takeover. Mała Galeria provided a connexion with other centers. It brought artists together regardless of the so–called regional prejudice. There was still Jurek Busza with his erudition and madcap fantasy. The 1990s – Exit, K. Ju., R. Kl., some time at Orońsko – J. Wo., L. Go..
Even before the Millenium year I had met a superwoman – B. Bi. We are in the year 2000 now and travelling on. In art I always meet fantastic people. I just do. I call it natural selection.

January, 2000

[ Note: the artist wishes the names to remain in this shortened version ]