Ginevra Godin (Berlin)
Citylayers (multimedia installation)

The "Citylayers" project is a part of my ongoing research "points of interest" about "accidental" spots, sites, places, and the meaning of importance. "Citylayers" is about layering and addition of such places in different cities within Europe, weaving an individual, connecting net between them.
With Lodz, Berlin and Brussels I choose cities I know and which have had influence on my life – a personal approach at first.
The choice of the spots within this cities through is based on an abstract, geometrical principal. They were found by the application of a spiral, as a dynamic, endless line. Having adapted this spiral to the individual size of each city, I get the center at the geometrical center of each city, making this spot and the following: southwest, northwest, northeast in this exact order, so that northeast is always the furthest out. By these means I get the five same spots in each city on which I than start my research:
I take photographs, interview people there, try to find out something about
the atmosphere, the history, the ground and other things.

Ginevra Godin