Anna Tyczyńska (Poznań)
Zatrzymanie (installation)

Greek Selene and Roman Luna is a woman. She watches over a child's sleep, friends of alchemists and those lost in fantasies of dream and madness. She, too, is the mediator between unchanging Cosmos and changing earthly life, counting down the time of oceans and women. Herself wandering through the quarters, she gives support to wanderers and pilgrims.

We remember, as if all this was to run its course again today. (R.M.Rilke)

Selene's magic glow means touching rather than shining. It is with energy of touch that Luna fills human bodies, herbs and swelling water surfaces. It leaves an imprint of power on touched and visited places – the power of the secret meaning direct contact.

Anna Tyczyńska's objects – or, more precisely, the power of their meaning – also originates in touch. The artist polishes, bathes, wraps them, domesticating shape and giving it expression. Lunar spirits and magic appear here in a slightly alchemical form. Through warming, etching and sinking the artist extracts new senses, new shapes, new states. It is careful alchemy, without bubbling retort and hope for gold. the works' sparing form is rather a bending over a process, a fragment of something we do not know about yet.

The transformation is saturated with the patience of waiting. Similarly as the lunar glow is favourable to the rise of dew, the growth of pearls, and the formation of precious stones, so filed with meaning is the ordinary matter that the artist uses.

Getting smaller, Luna does not die but is veiled and hides in shadow. It is a passage, as it were, a dying or entering the subconscious domain. What used to be open, now has sense of memory, while concealment appear as a dream – in its own peculiar way. The dream dreamed in solitude comes to mean the discovery of one's own encounter with mystery – the moment of touching Nature.

Tyczyńska's interest lies more in the concealment than the revelation of mystery. She seems to admit that for us great mystery no longer exists. There is only the veiling and unveiling – the Rythm of Nature in the process of becoming. The concealing is primarily preservation.

The Conjunction of Luna and Helios – so different from each other - does not expose (illuminate) thier features – as does the opposition – but causes dark confusion. Luna sinks in the darkness of the night to give way to an archaic time of danger, vanishing, death and unfulfillment. It is the time to refrain from plans and decision making. There remains only the sense of Luna as a far and distant country "where all that has been wasted on Earth is preserved: wasted time, squancered riches, unkept promises, unheard prayers, futile tears, fruitless attempts, dreams not come true, vain hopes and idle intentions" (W.Kopaliński). Luna – is here only longing scattered under the stairy sky.

The process progresses to come full cycle – Luna returns on the third day – revived and ready for the game with earth and body liquids. It attracts ocean deep and stirs venous blood; it affects female cycle and body "humours". The measure of time is fulfilled and the tide of fluids sets up a new borderline between the inside and the outside, between water and land, between that which is individual and cosmic in its dimension. Liquids catalyze natural processes, soak, seep and sink deep. It is they that mock the human conciousness and will, making way for the body as part of the order of the cosmic cycle. They are its necessity. Palms and feet swell – female madness awakens – Luna endows it with sense.

The countdown begins anew...

Monika Bakke, Paris, 1997