Project Continuum

The International project CONTINUUM is an effect of artistic contacts realized in former years owing to efforts of The International Artists' Museum, Wschodnia Gallery from Lodz and the Italian group of artists ORESTE.
Its idea links also to traditions of international meetings and exchange between artists coming together every year in different European countries,
in places created by artists including Artists in Residence programmes. By bringing together rich ethnic and a cultural mix of creative individuals we hope to foster a cultural form, where ideas and perspectives about art and life can be exchanged. In addition to providing a space and time for artists
of different generations to experiment, we also concentrate on the impact our events have on the local community.

CONTINUUM projects will take place periodically in Poland and abroad with the participation of artists representing an international community of creators
– organizers and curators of „places of art”.

We want to introduce their activity, based on the cooperation and building natural bridges and mutual relations between people by art – out of the context of „big” institutions. Interdisciplinary collaborations encourage us to cross traditional communication barriers and stereotypes of knowledge about ourselves, both in process and presentation. Collaborations involving participants with different cultural backgrounds hasten and catalyze special occurrences achieving – in the context of European and global unification.
We aim to grasp the connections which in daily life, in mediumistic chaos are hard to be noticed.

The CONTINUUM 2001 project – as the process of yearly meetings with the contribution of tens of artists from various countries, was organized by Wschodnia Gallery with cooperation of The Art Book Museum, Forum Fabricum from Lodz and The Contemporary Art Center INNER SPACES MULTIMEDIA from Poznan.




Dariusz Adryańczyk (Poland)
Stefan Becker (Germany)
Pino Boresta (Italy)
Agnieszka Brzeżańska (Poland)
Sławomir Brzoska (Poland)
Charlie Citron (USA)
Pier Paolo Coro (Italy)
Terry van Druten (Holland)
Aleksandra Gieraga (Poland)
Sylwia Górak (Poland)
Paweł Hartman (Poland)
Sibylle Hofter (Germany)
Jarosław Hulbój (Poland)
Francesco Impellizzeri (Italy)
Wojciech Kowalczyk (Poland)
Torsten Lüders (Germany)
Tomasz Matuszak (Poland)
Ferdinando Mazzitelli (Italy)
Jarosław Misiewicz (Poland)
Małgorzata Antoszewska–Moneta (Poland)
Jacek Mrozowicz (Poland)
Zuzanna Niespor (Poland)
Mariusz 'Benek' Olszewski (Poland)
Anna Petrie (England)
Cesare Pietroiusti (Italy)
Józef Robakowski (Poland)
Mariusz Sołtysik (Poland)
Antonio Soranno (Italy)
Nello Teodori (Italy)
Adriana Torregrossa (Italy)
Herman Verhagen (Holland)
Christian Weber (Germany)
Tomasz Wendland (Poland)
Małgorzata Wolańska (Poland)

Italian Evening