Other Selected Events

1992: Red Cross; Berlin-Lodz-Prague-Budapest-Sarajevo-Tirana
1992: 37 Rooms, Berlin, Germany
1993: interView 1-7, Berlin-Lodz, Germany-Poland
1993: Conversation - an event with Chinese artists in exile, Lodz, Poland
1994: 'Situations', Cardiff, Wales
1995: Fluxus-dinner, Lodz, Poland
1995: The Meeting - and event with Israeli and Palestinian artists, Lodz, Poland
1996: The Artists' Museum in New York, USA
1996: The Artists' Museum - Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel
1997: Meithal - and event with Irish artists, Lodz-Dublin, Poland and Ireland
1999: Milestones for Peace, Middle East, ongoing project
2001: Markers - an Outdoor Banner Event of Artists and Poet`s for Venice Biennale


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