Construction in Process IV
1993, Lodz, Poland

The fourth Construction in Process, called My home is your home took place again in Lodz, in 1993. It was by far the largest gathering in which took part around 140 artists from around 40 countries. The event was expanded to other forms of artistic activities: poetry, music, theatre, film and even politics. One of the most remarkable events of that exciting 'arts-festival' was the participation of great American poet - Allen Ginsberg, who gave a number of unforgetable readings and performances.


artists invited for CONSTRUCTION in PROCESS IV

International Artists' Board:THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Berlin, invites:
Hartmut Boehm (Germany) invites - Markus Mussinghoff (Germany)Barbara Banish (Czech)
Marcia Hafif (USA) invites - Judith Shea (USA)Emilie Benes-Brzezinski (USA)
Sol LeWitt (USA) invites - Anthony Sansotta (USA)Andrea Blum (USA)
David Nash (Great Britain - Wales)Rudiger Carl (Germany)
Francesc Torres (Spain) invites - Dieter Froese (Germany)Xang-Jie Chang (China)
Ken Unsworth (Australia) invites - Christopher Snee (Australia)Henning Christiansen (Denmark)
Ay-O (South Korea)Wojciech Czajkowski (Poland)
Tom Bills (USA) invites - Robin Hill (USA)Bernhard Garbert (Germany)
Peter Downsborough (USA) invites - James Welling (USA)Jarg Geismar (Germany)
Eve Laramee (USA)Allen Ginsberg (USA)
Rune Mields (Germany) invites - Michael Witlatschil (Germany)Wenda Gu (China)
Dennis Oppenheim (USA) invites - Erik Oppenheim (USA)Jusuf Hadzifejzofic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Micha Ullman (Israel) invites - Buky Schwartz (Israel)Zhu Jinshi (China)
Lawrence Weiner (USA)Sven-Ake Johansson (Sweden)
Paul Panhuysen (Holland)Joan Jonas (USA)
Ryszard Winiarski (Poland)Mimmo Catania (Italy)
Laszlo Kerekes (Hungary)
THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, New York, invites:Russel Lynch (South Africa)
Marianne Eigenheer (Switzerland)Vusisizwe Mchunu (South Africa)
Janusz Glowacki (Poland)Robert C. Morgan (USA)
Kenneth Goldsmith (USA)Ann Noel (Great Britain)
Amy Hauft (USA)Richard Nonas (USA)
Sharon Horvath (USA)NOTORIOUS GROUP (Germany)
Nazzih Khire (Israel)Peter Akfen
Wlodek Ksiazek (USA)Jurgen Brockmann
Philis Levin (USA)Carsten Dane
Marcia Lyons (USA)Kay Kruger-Moths
Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison (USA)Chistoph Meier
Harry Miller (USA)Matthew Partridge
Antonio Muntadas (Spain)Gunnar Schmidt
Benno Mutter (Germany)Tadeusz Piechura (Europa - World)
Joshua Neustein (Israel)Yufen Qin (China)
Mordechai Omer (Israel)Patricia Ruiz-Bayon (Mexico)
Yigal Ozeri (Israel)Karin Sander (Germany)
Philip Rantzer (Israel)Roland Schefferski (Germany)
Michal Rovner (Israel)Suzy Sureck (USA)
Glen Seator (USA)Maciej Toporowicz (USA)
Stuart Sherman (USA)Dagmar Uhde (Germany)
Ronny Someck (Israel)Gregory Volk (USA)
David Wakstein (Israel)Ryszard Wasko (Poland)
Allan Wexler (USA)Emmet Williams (USA)
Jack Whitten (USA)Lynne Yamamoto (USA)
Adem Yilmaz (Turkey)
THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Sydney, invites:Sofia Zezmer (USA)
Su Baker (Australia)Jian-Jun Zhang
Brad Buckley (Australia)
Lillian Budd (New Zeland)THE ARTISTS MUSEUM, Eindhoven, invites:
Richard Dunn (Australia)Daniel Dutrieux (Belgium)
Yuiji Kitagawa (Japan)Tom Homburg (Holland)
Seiji Shimoda (Japan)Harald Kubiczak (Germany)
Nicholas Tsoutas (Australia)Richard Lerman (USA)
Jenny Watson (Australia)Christian Marclay (USA)
Harumi Yonekawa (Japan)Hendri van der Putten (Holland)

Peter Vermeulen (Holland)
THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Cardiff, invites:Henk Visch (Holland)
Iwan Bala (Great Britain)Kees Wevers (Holland)
Helen Jones (Great Britain)
Emma J. Lawton (Great Britain)THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Lodz, invites:
Tracy Morris and Paul Brewer (Great Britain)Sam Auinger (Austria)
Sean O'Reilly (Great Britain)Krzysztof Bednarski (Poland)
Mark Palmer (Great Britain)Krzysztof Cichosz (Poland)

Marta Deskur (Poland)
THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Paris, invites:Sibylle Hofter (Germany)
Jean-Pierre Brigaudiot (France)Andrzej Janaszewski (Poland)
Jean Clareboudt (France)Marek Janiak (Poland)
Toni Grand (France)Ewa Kulasek (Poland)
Jean-Luc Jehan (France)Tilman Kuentzel (Germany)
Laurenee Laure and Jean-Christophe Royoux (France)LODZ FABRYCZNA GROUP (Poland)
Jean-Charles Massera (France)Malgorzata Niedzielko (Poland)
Cecile Le Talec (France)Joanna Przybyla (Poland)

Robert Rumas (Poland)
THE ARTISTS' MUSEUM, Moscow, invites:Driss Sans Arcidet (France)
Igor Chatskin (Ukraine)Yuan Shun (Poland)
Elena Elagina (Russia)
Andrey Filippow (Russia)
Igor Makarevich (Russia)
Vera Pogodina (Russia)
Konstantin Zvezdochatov (Russia)

The Artists' Museum published a newspaper, "Living Mind", in connection with the 4th CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS event, in which one can read the slogans describing the assumptions of the event:

"The 4th CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS intends to be an inclusive forum which opens art (or through which art opens) into other fields of human existence".

"CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS" is a process itself that seeks to combine art and co-existence at the same time. It is an idea that continuously develops itself as a "clash of consciousness with time", where such elements as improvisation, emotions, energy, excitement, solidarity and co-operation are totally fundamental. Art works are created during, and not prior to the event, thus resulting in a climate of experimentation and dynamism. Artists, in their turn, have maximum contact with one another and with the audience at large".

"MY HOME IS YOUR HOME is a week of freedom and inspiration; a rare opportunity for well-known and emerging artists from numerous countries to come together for the exchange of ideas and inspiration, and to create works on site".

From the working brochure, published by the Artists' Museum before the October event:

The 4th CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS event contains the forms and fields of activities as follows:

The whole space of the Artists' Museum will be open day and night for the actions and meetings of the artists, where numbers of planned and improvised discussions, performances, concerts, receptions and dinners will take place.
The selection of the artists will be carried out by the offices of the Artists' Museum, spread all around the world. Additionally, The International Board of the Artists' Museum will select the artists. Each member of the Board has the ability to choose and invite one artist. Each office of the Artists' Museum is assigned a number of invitations, according to the artistic potential of the place where the office is situated, as follows: The Artists' Museum
in New York, represented by Sofia Zezmer - 15 invitations
in Sydney, represented by Brad Buckley - 7 invitations
in Eindhoven, represented by Paul Panhuysen - 8 invitations
in Moscow represented by Joseph Bakshtein - 8 invitations
in Lodz, represented by the Executive Board - 13 invitations
in Paris represented by Jean-Charles Massera - 7 invitations
in Cardiff, represented by Sean O'Reilly - 6 invitations
in Berlin, represented by Ryszard Wasko - open number

"One of the most refreshing aspects of the exhibition had to do with its shift in focus from the display of art works to an expanded field of activity which included the process of art making, interaction between the artists, and artists' involvement with the city at large - as well as the art works themselves." - Gregory Volk, 'Art + Text', 1994

"The high point in terms of political consciousness, came when a Palestinian artist born in Israel and an Israeli artist born in Baghdad did a poetry reading and a wall work together." - Kim Levine, 'Asian Art', January, 1994

"Unlike, for example, Documenta or the Venice Biennale, 'Construction in Process' has become a provocative and worthwhile event(...) Definitely off the beaten art world 'truck'." - Terry R.. Myers, 'Flash Art', January, 1994

the exhibition

Allen Ginsberg

Panel discussion "What's going on here?" from left to right: Emmet Williams, Robert C. Morgan, Bill Arning, Kim Levin, Regina Cornwell, Terry Myers

"East Europa" - panel discussion with the participation of Wieslaw Walendziak (moderator of Polish TV), prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Prime Minister Jan Krzysztof Bielecki

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