Markers 2001, Venice, Italy


in the


by John Gian

one morning at the end of June in a bus between Ostrowce and Bydgoszcz an idea was born from sparkling climate of creativity during This Earth is a Flower, the seventh edition of that great art project which is Construction in Process - the energy, sensitivity, obstinacy of Doron Polak by chance sitting next to me asking me what were I doing there - seven flags dedicated to seven disappeared poets/artists who were assential to my evolution - why don`t we do a big exhibition of banners created by artists and poets from all over the world on the street in Venezia, Doron immediately suggested - this is the way the Markers project was born - a signal to get beyond linguistic and national barriers - cultural and religious differences - a practical demonstraction that it`s possible to cooperate in creating one work without personalism and without altering one`s own work - a banner is a sign - a sign communicates - poetry communicates - the movement of air spreads the message - this is the principle of votive flags - of mantras spread by the wind into space - if, as William Burrougs says, the future of writing is in space not time, these banners will bring their message into air and space - the tribes of poets and artists gather, multiform but unitary, with the desire to propagate an idea of possible coexistence on our planet - of maintaining differences inside unity, which is characteristic of our human condition - each one with one`s own colours - each one with one`s own language - each intervention says that words still have power , meaning, if we are able to find it - to let it flow free and meet other sound and light waves - new impalpable but solid messages will arise from this occasion - like this project coursing up a street and peopled by that people passing by and watching - banners and movement - the banners live on this reciprocity - it`s not static work nor petrified word - everybody knows this contrast in a city of stone and moving water - poetry is word in motion - motion creates energy...

Banners on Garibaldi Street

Artists, Writers & Poets:

Mahmoud Abu, Poet, Palestine |  Humberto Ak`Abal, Poet, Guatemala |  Maria Teresa Alves, Artist, Brazil |  Asumka, Aboriginal Artist, Australia |  Damian Aquiles, Artist, Cuba |  Siarzuk Babareka, Artist, Belarus |  Waldo Balart, Artist, Cuba |  Tova Beck-Friedman, Artist, USA |  Stefan Becker, Artist, Germany |  Menachem Ben, Poet, Israel |  Barbara Benish, Artist, Czech Republic |  Elena Berriolo, Artist, Italy |  Tom Bills, Artist, USA |  Dara Birnbaum, Artist, USA |  Julien Blaine, Artist, France |  Hartmut Bohm, Artist, Germany |  Malgorzata Borek, Artist, Poland |  Monika Brandmeier, Artist, Garmany |  Terry Buchholz, Artist, Germany |  Jen Budney, Writer, Canada |  Joerg Burkhardt, Writer, Germany |  Franco Cajani, Poet, Italy |  Mimmo Catania, Artist, Italy |  Tracey Ceurvels, Writer, USA |  Lo Ch`ing, Artist&Poet, Taiwan |  S. Chandrasekaran, Artist, Singapore |  Yaacov Chefetz, Artist, Israel |  Yu-Chi-Hwan, Poet, Korea |  Henning Christiansen, Artist, Denmark |  Mara Cini, Poet, Italy |  Charlie Citron, Artist, USA-Holland |  Thomas Clark, Poet, England |  Mark Daniel Cohen, Writer, USA |  Mirit Cohen Caspi, Artist, Israel |  Amir Cohen, Artist, Israel |  Papo Colo, Artist&Poet, USA |  Bruno Cora, Poet, Italy |  ,b>Gianni Curreli, Artist, Italy |  Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, Artist, USA |  Uri De Beer, Artist, Israel |  Rita Degli Esposti, Poet, Italy |  Claudia DeMonte, Artist, USA |  Agnes Denes, Artist, USA |  Aoife Desmond, Artist, Ireland |  Joel Mpah Dooh, Artist, Cameroon |  Barbara Dorffler, Artist, Germany |  Uri Dotan, Artist, Israel |  Peter Downsbrough, Artist, USA |  Ruprecht Dreher, Artist, Germany |  Esti Drori, Artist, Israel |  Jimmie Durham, Writer&Artist |  Barbara Edelstein, Artist, USA |  Frank Kirk Ehm-Marks, Poet, Germany |  Maria Eichhorn, Artist, Germany |  Avraham Eilat, Artist, Israel |  Aziz Elhihi, Artist, Morocco |  Jan Fabre, Artist, Belgium |  Jens Faenge, Artist, Sweden |  Emilio Fantin, Artist, Italy |  Dorit Feldman, Artist, Israel |v Tomer Ganhiar, Artist, Israel |  Gideon Gechtman, Artist, Israel |  Jarg Geismar, Artist, Germany |  Ilan Gelber, Artist, Israel |  Varda Ghivoly, Artist, Israel |  John Gian, Poet, Italy |  Allen Ginsberg, Poet, USA |  Francesco Giusti, Poet, Italy |  Leon Golub, Artist, USA |  Coco Gordon, Artist, USA |  Eugenia Gortchakova, Artist, Russia |  Lorenna Grant, Artist, Australia |  Angel Guinda, Poet, Spain |  Alessandra Guola, Artist, Venice, Italy |  Newton Harrison, Artist, USA |  Tadashi Hashimoto, Artist, Japan |  Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Artist, Germany |  Rachel Heller, Artist, Israel |  Anselm Hollo, Poet, Finland |  Harry Hoogstraten, Artist, Holland |  Irina Horbachova, Poet, Belarus |  Stefan Hyner, Poet, Germany |  Pamela Jaskowiak, Poet, Sweden |  Zeljko Jerman, Artist, Croatia |  Randy Jewart, Artist, USA |  Cisco Jimenez, Artist, Mexico |  Vera Jirousova, Poet, Czech Republic |  Mary Judge, Artist, USA |  Liliana Kadichevski. Artist, Israel |  Dani Karavan, Artist, Israel |  Tamar Karavan, Artist, Israel |  Laszlo Kerekes, Artist, Yugoslavian Vojvodina |v Sooja Kim, Artist, Korea |  Adam Klimczak, Artist, Poland |  Lucretia Knapp, Artist, USA |  Koko Komegne, Artist, Cameroon |  Igor Kopystiansky, Artist, Ukraine |  Svetlana Kopystiansky, Artist, Russia |  Tom Kotik, Artist, Czech Republic |  Zsoit Kovacs, Poet, Hungary |  Karen La Fatta, Artist, Venice, Italy |  Algis Lankelis, Artist, Lituania |  Qu Lei-Lei, Artist, England |  Vitaly Levchenya, Artist, Belarus |  Les Levine, Artist, USA |  Sol LeWitt, Artist, USA |  Tan Lin, Artist, USA |  Abraham Lubelski, Artist, USA |  Oleg Lysheha, Poet, Ukraine |  Ivan Macha, Artist, Peru |  Brian Maquire, Artist, Ireland |  Ati Maier, Artist, Germany |  David Malangi, Aboriganal Artist, Australia |  Margalit Mannor, Artist, Israel |  Sliman Mansur, Artist, Palestine |  Jenny Marketou, Artist, Greece-USA |  Vlado Martek, Artist, Croatia |  Tomasz Matuszak, Artist, Poland |  Eraldo Mauro, Artist, Italy |  Helen Mayer-Harrison, Artist, USA |  Duncan Mc Naughton, Poet, USA |  Ed McGowin, Artist, USA |  Rune Mields, Artist, Germany |  David Mills, Poet, USA |  Jean Monod, Poet, France |  Jacopo Montovani, Artist, Italy |  Robert C. Morgan, Poet, USA |  Marcus Mussinghoff, Artist, Germany |  Joshua Neustein, Artist, USA-Israel |  Ann Noel, Artist, England |  Richard Nonas, Artist, USA |  Sean O'Reilly, Artist, England |  Cathal O`Searcaigh, Poet, Ireland |  Ay-O, Artist, Japan |  Andries Walter Oliphant, Poet, South Africa |  Nana Onishi, Artist, Japan |  Dennis Oppenheim, Artist, USA |  Angel Orensanz, Artist, Spain |  Yigal Ozeri, Artist, Israel |  Pier Paolo Pasolini, Writer&Film-maker, Italy |  Ben Patterson, Artist, USA |  Rafi Peled, Artist, Israel |  Mario Persico, Artist, Italy |  Tadeusz Piechura, Artist, Poland |  Alberto Pimenta, Poet, Portugal |  Israel Pinkas, Poet, Israel|  Jurgen Raap, Poet, Germany |  Tamar Raban, Artist, Israel |  Steven Rand, Artist, USA |  Tom Raworth, Poet, England |  Ursula Reuter-Christiansen, Artist, Denmark |  Jungwook Grace Rim, Artist, South Korea |  Harry Rosenthal, Artist, Italy |  Claude Royet-Journoud, Poet&Artist, France |  Raphael Rubinstein, Poet, USA |  Paul Sahre, Artist, USA |  Jack Sal, Artist, USA |  Karin Sander, Artist, Germany |  Edoardo Sanguineti, Poet, Italy |  Umberto Sartory, Artist, Italy |  George Schneeman, Artist, USA |  Eva-Maria Schon, Artist, Germany |  Buky Schwartz, Artist, Israel |  Bill Seaman, Artist, USA |  Mmakgabo Mmapula H. Sebidi, Artist, South Africa |  Michal Sedaka, Artist, Israel |  Pablo Seminario-Ramirez, Artist, Peru |  Danny Shain, Artist, USA |  Ward Shelley, Artist, USA |  Yehiel Shemi, Artist, Israel |  Laurel J. Shute, Artist, USA |  Paco Simon, Artist, Spain |  Gwen Smith, Artist, USA |  Christopher Snee, Artist, Australia |  Ronny Someck, Poet, Israel |  Wole Soyinka, Poet, Niger |  Nancy Spero, Artist, USA |  Antoni Starczewski, Artist, Poland |  Marianne Steele, Poet, USA |  Haim Steinbach, Artist, USA |  Anatol Stepanenko, Artist&Film-maker, Ukraine |  Endre Szkarosi, Poet, Hungary |  Jon Tarry, Artist, Australia |  Richard Thomas, Artist, Australia |  Maciej Toporowicz, Artist, USA |  Jose-Miguel Ullan, Artist, Spain |  Ken Unsworth, Artist, Australia |  Jurga Uzkurnyte, Artist, Lituania |  Daan Van Golden, Artist, Holland |  Bernard Venet, Artist, France |  Gregory Volk, Writer, USA |  Sharif Waked, Artist, Israel |  David Wakstein, Artist, Israel |  Anne Waldman, Poet, USA |  Harry Walter, Writer&Artist, Germany |  Maria Wasko, Artist&Film-maker, Poland |  Ryszard Wasko, Artist, Poland |  Lilly Wei, Writer, USA |  Lawrence Weiner, Artist, USA |  Emmett Williams, Poet&Writer, USA |  David Wise, Artist, USA |  Mike Wodkowski, Artist, USA |  Gary Woodley, Artist, England |  Jianjun Xi, Artist, England |  Lynne Yamamoto, Artist, USA |  Lian Yang. Artist, China |  Nathan Yonathan, Poet, Israel |  Cai Yuan, Artist, England |  Jian-jun Zhang, Artist, China |  

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